Our Process

Analysis of Requirements

This is a start of the process where the team has a look at client’s requirement list. A meeting is held where suggestion of each person is listened and jotted down. This way we are able to understand the requirement of the project.


Once the requirements are discussed and base lined, the preparation of a master plan begins. Our dedicated team ensures that the master plan covers all the requirement of the project. Some of the things covered in planning are:


Our designing team begins their work based on the approved prototype as soon as we get a confirmation from the client.


This is the process where coding begins. Here the development team starts off working on modules. As soon as the module is ready it is passed to the testing team. On getting an approval from the QA or quality Assurance team it is then sent to the client for approval. This way all the modules are prepared and approved by various teams which is then incorporated with one another.

Testing and demo

Once the module is developed it is put through various testing and on getting approval from the QA or Quality assurance team the demo is sent to the client for further approval.


This way the modules get ready, integrated, thoroughly tested and then they are finally deployed

SEO promotion

This is an add-on activity which is done as per the client’s requirement. The requirement for online marketing of each client and product varies hence it is done as per their need.

Support & Maintenance

We just do not design and deploy the product but also maintain it. The maintenance and support aspect comes in pictures after the deployment stage. The reason for the same is monitoring and enhancing of the product. Our Support team is available 24*7 in case of any issues.